Only authorized Axle Surgeons® have the machines and parts necessary to apply the patented process developed by the company.
Sadly, there are some service centers that refer to themselves as “axle surgeons” who are not affiliated with Axle Surgeons® and who do not have access to proprietary technology, parts, equipment and training provided to authorized Axle Surgeons®.
In addition to exclusive rights to proven machines, parts and processes, authorized Axle Surgeons® meet high standards of quality performance and control:

  • Patented procedures for spindle replacemnet assure precise alignment for a new inserted spindle.
  • Training is required for all service personnel.
  • All authorized service centers must be insured.
  • Welding procedures were created by Axle Surgeons® and tested to ASME Section IX boiler and pressure vessel code* similar to those used by nuclear power plants, refineries and power generating plants.
  • All Axle Surgeons® technicians are qualified and tested to the welding procedures.**
  • Documentation of formal training in procedures and quality standards is available through the company.

* Qualification Standard for Welding Brazing Procedures, Welders, Brazers and welding and brazing operators.
** Certification of Welder and procedure is done in accordance to ASME Section IX.

Steel Axle Repair

Steel Axle Repair

Drive Axle Repair

Trailer Axle Repair

Steer Spindle Repair

Steer Spindle Repair
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